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Species / Helicaulax Pozaryskii

Helicaulax Pozaryskii


Original description of Helicaulax pozaryskii by Abdel-Gawad, 1986:

  • "The shell is small-sized, and spindle-shaped; spire with about three convex whorls. The suture is slightly impressed. The last whorl is carinate, large, moderately inflated, and approximately of a half of the total height. Outer lip is expanded into a broad wing-like lobe, with the upper edge upcurving and tapering into a gently curved spike and the lower margin of outer lip terminating with a blunt anterior lobe. The distinct carina extends to the outer lip, which is reflected as a narrow groove parallelling the upper edge of the wing. The shell is ornamented with spiral nodes or granules, which are absent on the outer lip. Inner aperture narrow, elongate, with a small anterior siphonal canal. The posterior canal elongate and adnate to the spire."

Locus typicus: Podgórz, ca. 4 km south of Kazimierz, Poland

Stratum typicum: Maastrichtian, upper Cretaceous


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