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Species / Drepanochilus


Original Description of the genus Drepanochilus (as Drepanocheilus, see chapter History and Synonymy) by Meek, 1864, p. 35:

  • "Shell like Aporrhais, but without a posterior canal extending up the spire, and having the lip produced into a single, usually scythe-shaped projection. This type, as well as the including genus Anchura, differ from the Jurassic genus Alaria, in never having the labial appendage developed during the growth of the shell, so as to be left behind the aperture as projecting spines on the body whorl or spire. It, however, probably includes some of the so-called Alaria."

Type species: Rostellaria americana Evans and Shumard, 1857 (= Drepanochilus evansi Cossmann, 1904); by original designation, Maastrichtian (Late Cretaceous), Sage Creek, Nebraska, United States.

Drepanocheilus species are:

might belong to Drepanocheilus

History and Synonymy

Drepanochilus Meek, 1864:19

  • syn. Drepanocheilus Meek, 1864:35


Meek, 1864 published the name Drepanochilus in the same reference in a table on p. 19 as the description of Drepanocheilus on p. 35/36

Meek, 1864, p. 19 (part)

Meek, 1864, p. 35 (part)

Meek, 1864, p. 36 (part)


Dana, 1874 is the first author who used one of Meek, 1864 name variants: Drepanocheilus on page 461

Dana, 1874, p. 461 (part)
Dana, 1874 is not the first Reviser in the sense of Art. 24.2 of the Code, because he has not cited the two spellings and selected/used one as valid.


Meek, 1876, p. 324
Comment Philippe Bouchet, 2021:

  • "This makes Meek (1876) the First Reviser under Art. 24.2.4:
    • 24.2.4. Original authors may be deemed to be First Revisers of spellings. When the author, or one of joint authors, of two different original spellings of the same name subsequently uses one of them as valid in a work (including the author's or publisher's corrigenda), and neither had previously been selected as the correct spelling by a First Reviser, the author is deemed to be the First Reviser, whether or not the author cites both spellings together (that used as valid becomes the correct original spelling).
  • and Drepanochilus the valid spelling


Cossmann, 1904, p. 75

Cossmann, 1904, p. 76

Cossmann, 1904, p. 77 (part)


Bandel, 2007, p. 112:

  • "The small to medium sized shell (10 to 20 mm high) has a smooth protoconch. The early teleoconch is ornament of sloping axial ribs and fine spiral lines with varices at about each half whorl (SOHL, 1960: pl. 11, fig. 22). The body whorl is ornamented by two or more keels (in difference to Arrhoges with one or no keel). The upper of these keels continues onto the single, upward turned wing that forms a posterior lamella that may connect partly to the shell. The aperture is narrow and ends with a short siphonal canal in front. The inner lip of the aperture is thickened with callus forming a distinct ribbon with sharp border."


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