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Species / Drepanocheilus Abbassi

Drepanocheilus Abbassi


History and Synonymy


Aboul Ela, N. M., Abdel-Gawad, G. L. & Aly, M. F. 1991, Abstract:

  • "The Albian section of Gabal Manzour, Maghara area, north Sinai is highly fossiliferous. Besides the foraminifers, Orbitolina in particular, macroinvertebrates are very common and highly diversified. These are represented by corals, gastropods, bivalves, cephalopods and echinoids. Serpulids are also recorded.Eighty genera including 127 species, were identified. Of these eight genera and eight species are reported for the first time in the Lower Cretaceous of Egypt. Nine new species are established. Six of them are gastropods viz., Solariella douvillei, Cerithium manzourensis, Cerithium abbassi, Drepanocheilus abbassi, Bittium mahmoudi and Tylostoma canaliculata. Crassatella manzourensis, Venilicardia faragi and Liopistha albiana are three new bivalve species. Generally, the faunal assemblages recovered from the studied section have Tethyan affinities. They indicate rather warm waters of normal to slightly hypersaline conditions, that represent a shallow, near shore environment in which the water depth did not exceed 100 m."


  • Aboul Ela, N. M., Abdel-Gawad, G. L. & Aly, M. F. 1991. Albian fauna of Gabal Manzour, Maghara area north Sinai, Egypt; Journal of African Earth Sciences 13(2), 201-220.
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