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Species / Drepanocheilus Mudgeana


Original Description of Anchura (Drepanocheilus) mudgeana White, 1878, p. 312:

  • "Shell of medium size for one of the genus; spire moderately elongated; volutions about eight, convex; suture rather deep; body-volution proportionally large; wing proper rather small, recurved club-shaped, occupying only about one-third of the full length of the outer lip, blunt or abruptly rounded at the posterior end of the posterior projection, instead of being falciform, as is usual in this genus; outer lip, exclusive of the wing proper, moderately broad, prominent, sloping from the posterior base of the wing to the last suture, with a gently convex border, sloping with a very gently sinuous border from the anterior base of the wing to the pointed front of the shell; inner lip having a moderately broad, distinct callus, extending from the anterior end of the columella to or nearly to the last suture; aperture elongate, narrow. Volutions of the spire marked by many longitudinal folds, which are somewhat more oblique upon the smaller volutions than upon the larger, and extend almost or quite to the suture upon both the proximal and distal side of the volution. These folds are continued upon the body-volution, but are not extended upon its anterior half, and give place to smaller, irregular wrinkles upon approaching the outer lip. These wrinkles are smaller at the base of the wing, but upon the outer recurved portion they become conspicuously strong. The whole surface is marked by fine revolving, raised striae, which, with the lines of growth, produce a more or less distinctly cancellated appearance. No true angulation or carination of either the volutions or the wing exists."

Dimensions: Length from the pointed front to the apex of the spire, about 29 millimeters; breadth across the body-volution, including the wing, 20 millimeters; breadth of the body-volution, from the callus of the inner lip to the outer surface, 9 1/2 millimeters.

Locus typicus: Denison, Grayson County, Texas, USA

Stratum typicum: Cretaceous

Anchura (Drepanocheilus) mudgeana White, 1878, pl. 7, fig. 3a, b

Ethymology: named after Prof. B.F, Mudge, who collected the shell

Drepanocheilus mudgeana White, 1878); Washita Group, Weno Formation, Comanchean, early Cretaceous; "Blue Cut", 1 mi NE of Denison, Grayson County, Texas, USA; Coll. Yale Peabody Museum of Natural History IP 009210

Anchura? cf. mudgeana White, 1878; Mosby Sandstone Member, Cenomanian, Cretaceous; About 60 mi east of Lewistown, Fergus, Montana, USA; Coll. University of California Museum of Paleontology; UCM 99395

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