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Species / Drepanocheilus Unicarinatus


Original Description of Drepanocheilus unicarinatus Abbass, 1963, p. 80:

  • "The shell is small in size and fusiform in outline. The spire consists of 4 whorls. Earlier whorls are convex in outline, while later whorls have a median carina. The sutures are straight and deep. The studied specimen is a pseudomorph which does not preserve its ornament. The body whorl is more than half the height of the shell. It tapers anteriorly in the form of a conical beak. The aperture is oval and extends anteriorly in the form of a long canal. The outer lip is angular at the edge of the carina."

Locus typicus: Khargha Oasis, Western Desert, Egypt

Stratum typicum: Maastrichtian, Cretaceous

Holotype: GMCE G287


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