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Species / Antarctohoges


  • Aporrhaidae
    • Antarctohoges Stilwell & Zinsmeister, 1992

Original Diagnosis of Arrhoges (Antarctohoges) by Stilwell & Zinsmeister, 1992, p. 103:

  • "Shell moderately high-spired, turriform; body whorl slightly expanded, convex, somewhat encroaching upon the penultimate whorl; shell ornamented with moderately strong, equally spaced, sinuous axial ribs and very fine, numerous, closely spaced spiral threads; outer lip rounded, arcuate, expanded and thickened with minute denticles; aperture subovate with very short siphonal canal; inductura moderate."

Type species: Chrysodomus? diversicostata Wilckens, 1911 by original designation.

Antarctohoges species are

Etymology: "New subgenus named for its occurrence in Antarctica and its affinity to Arrhoges."

History and Synonymy


Tambussi et al. 2006:158

  • Antarctohoges


Hendy et al. 2008

  • Arrhoges (Antarctohoges) was reranked as Antarctohoges and belongs to Aporrhaidae


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  • Stilwell, J. D., & W. J. Zinsmeister (1992), Molluscan Systematics and Biostratigraphy: Lower Tertiary La Meseta Formation, Seymour Island, Antartic Peninsula, Antarct. Res. Ser., vol. 55, 192 pp., AGU, Washington, D. C. (parts of the text)
  • Tambussi, C.P., Acosta Hospitalechie, C.I., Reguero, M.A. & Marenssi, S.A. 2006. Late Eocene penguins from West Antarctica: systematics and biostratigraphy; in Francis, J.E., Pirrie, D. & Crame, J.A. (eds.) Cretaceous-Tertiary High-Latitude Palaeoenvirements, James Ross Basin, Antarctica; Geological Society, London Special Publications, 258, 145-161.

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