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Species / Teneposita


Type species: Teneposita laeva Loch, 1989

Original description of the genus Teneposita by Loch, 1989:

  • "Small (<3cm), high-spired aporrhaid gastropod; typical alate outer lip drawn into two unequal labral digitations; inner lip moderately callused, callus extending across columellar axis and into an opposing third digitation; posterior canal adnate to spire, extending beyond apex; anterior canal directed ventrally at base of body whorl continuing long and straight; aperture elliptical; apertural denticulations along periperal margin of outer lip; spire ornamented with spiral threads and transverse ribs in later whorls."

The only species:

might belong to Teneposita


  • Elder & Saul, 1996
  • Loch J.D. (1989). A new genus of aporrhaid gastropod from southern California. Journal of Paleontology, Vol. 63, No. 5, 1989, p. 574-577

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