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Species / Struthiochenopus


  • Aporrhaidae
    • Struthiochenopus Zinsmeister & Griffin, 1995

Original Diagnosis of Struthiochenopus by Zinsmeister & Griffin, 1995, p. 697:

  • "Moderately high- to high-spired aporrhaid, with keeled whorls; outer lip expanded into long posterior backward curved digitation; anterior digitation short and blunt; siphonal canal of moderate length, curved dorsally; later whorls sharply keeled; second less developed anterior keel present on body whorl; nodes variably developed on keel."

Type species: Dicroloma magellanica Ihering, 1909

Discussion of Type species, see Nielson, 2005 and Zinsmeister & Griffin, 1995

Struthiochenopus species are:


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