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Species / Struthiochenopus Antarcticus

Struthiochenopus Antarcticus


Original Description of Struthiochenopus antarcticus by Zinsmeister and Griffin, 1995

  • "Shell medium- to large-sized, with turreted spire of at least seven whorls; protoconch unknown; spire angle of about 30-33 degrees; whorls strongly keeled from an early stage; keel located slightly anterior to whorl mid-point; body whorl with two additional nearly obsolete keels anterior of the major keel, the anteriormost of these two supplementary keels is the strongest; body whorl ornamentation of about 15 spiral threads abapically of principal keel and about 30 threads anterior to keel; axial ornamentation restricted to short strong, nodose, gently inclined ribs across primary keel; varices occasionally present; aperture sublenticular merging into long straight narrow siphonal anterior canal; outer lip expanded into wide wing carrying fairly long and strongly curved posterior digitation; anteriorly digitation reduced to blunt lobe; interior surface of wing with fairly deep groove merging with digitation; posterior portion of outer lip deeply sinused and encroaching upon penultimate whorl; inner lip heavily callused extending onto penultimate whorl."

Locus typicus: Snow Hill Island, Graham Land, Antarctic Peninsula, Antarctica

Stratum typicum: Campanian part of the López de Bertodano Formation, upper Cretaceous


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