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Species / Tylostoma Jaworskii


Original description of Tylostoma jaworskii by Weaver, 1931:

  • "Shell large, moderately inflated, sub-oval in outline, rather elongate, and with spire equal to approximately four-fifteenths of the height of the shell. The spire contains from 4 to 5 evenly, but slightly convex, steeply sloping whorls with moderately depressed sutures. The spiral angle averages 65º to 70 The body whorl is rather elongate, only slightly inflated, with the margins of the middle portion almost vertical. The upper surface slopes steeply away from the suture and rapidly curves into the sides. The lower third of the left side is slightly concave as it passes along the columella region to the anterior end of the aperture. The latter is sub-elliptical in outline, being nearly as wide posteriorly as anteriorly. The outer lip is broadly convex and the inner a little sinuous, but broadly and slightly concave in the middle half. The columella is straight and vertical, the lower half of the inner lip and margin of the aperture conforming to it more or less."

Locus typicus: Ranquiles Pass on the eastern side of Rio Neuquen and west of Cerro Auca Mahuida, Argentina

Stratum typicum: Middle Cretaceous


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  • Weaver C. E. (1931) - Paleontology of the Jurassic and Cretaceous of west central Argentina. Memoirs of the University of Washington, 1931.– Vol. 1.

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