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Species / Tylostoma Torrubiae


Original description of Tylostoma torrubiae by Sharpe, 1849:

  • "Shell ovate, slightly flattened, with a produced spire formed of about 8? volutions; whorls evenly convex. Internal callosity of the outer lip broad and flattened, repeated every half volution, and accompanied with a slight elongation of the mouth upwards."

Locus typicus: Sharpe mentions no locus typicus

Stratum typicum: Cretaceous

Localities: Condeixa ; San Fagundo, about 1½ league west of Coimbra; Sarjento-mór, about 1½ league north of Coimbra; Figueira; Mamarosa, on the road from Aveiro to Coimbra; and in the cliffs north of Cintra at the Praia de Maçams. All localities are in Portugal

Dimensions: Spire angle 65°, length 4 inches; breadth 2 inches in one direction, 2½ inches in the other.

Tylostoma torrubiae in Sharpe, 1849, pl. IX, fig. 1 and 2


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