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Species / Harpagodidae


  • Harpagodidae Pchelintsev, 1963

Harpagodidae genera are:

Species might belong into this group

History and Synonymy


Ayoub-Hannaa & Fürsich, 2011, p. 129:

  • "Pchelintsev (1963) erected the new family Harpagodesidae (recte Harpagodidae), which is characterised by a globular shell, small basal notch, and a broadly expanded labral wing. Kollmann (2005) allocated the subfamily Harpagodinae to the family Strombidae on the basis of the basal notch. Due to the presence of an identical small basal notch in the Aporrhaidae, Bouchet & Rocroi (2005) and Kollmann (2009) placed the Harpagodinae in the family Aporrhaidae. In addition, the Harpagodinae possess about four angulations, which strengthen the broadly expanded labrum. The subfamily includes some genera such as Harpagodes Gill, 1870, Phyllocheilus Gabb, 1868, Harpospira Neagu & Pana, 1995, Harpodactylus Kollmann, 2005, and Quadrinervus Cossmann, 1904. It is easy to differentiate the latter genera on the basis of the whorl profile (convex, angular, multi-angular) and on the ornamentation of the whorls, body whorl outline (e.g., spindle-shaped, cylindrical), and the general outline of the labral wing. For more details on the subfamily Harpagodinae see Kollmann (2009: 51–52)."

  • Pchelintsev's name was Harpagodesidae.


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