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Harpagodes Gill, 1870: 139. Type species: Pterocera pelagi, D'Orbigny, Pal. Franc.; T. Cret. ii, pl.212

Original Description of Harpagodes by Gill, 1870:

  • "Shell obconic or ovate-conoid, with the spire moderately elevated, the canal produced into a long boldly recurved towards the left, and the labrum m...uc... (...) spiniform digitations. Whorls convex or flat between the angle and the suture, spirally ribbed, with larger rib-like angular, median, and anterior fascioles (and sometimes post-angular), each emitting long spiniform digitations; and with a sutural canaliculate digitation accumbent on the spire, continued and recurved backwards."

Harpagodes species are:

Might belong to Harpagodes:


  • Cataldo and D. G. Lazo. 2011. The genus Harpagodes Gill (Gastropoda, Stromboidea) in the Lower Cretaceous of the Neuquén Basin, Argentina. 18vo Congreso Geológico Argentino, Neuquén, Actas, p. 996–997.

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