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Species / Harpagodes Nodosus

Harpagodes Nodosus


Original Description of Dolium nodosum by Sowerby, 1823, p. 34:

  • "Obovate, ventricose, ornamented with transverse rows of knobs."
  • "In consequence of the imperfections of the only remains we have of this extraordinary fossil, we can give but short details of its form. It is about four fifths of its length wide, the spire is very short and consists of only two or three turns; it is marked with a few transverse, prominent, rounded bands, and a few longitudinal striae; the bands upon the body of the shell are divided into obtuse, not much elevated but large knobs, that are but badly preserved; the base and part of the columella are lost with the surrounding Chalk, that has been broken away; there is no vestige of the shell itself, and the cast probably exhibits its inner surface only:"

Locus typicus: Clayton Pit, Hurstperpoint, West Sussex County, South East Region, England

Dolium nodosum Sowerby, 1823; pl. 426, 427

History and Synonymy


Original Description of Dolium ? by Mantell, 1822, p. 196:

  • "49. Cast of a species of Dolium? The fossil here alluded to, is the cast of a ventricose spiral univalve, consisting of three volutions. It is nearly seven inches long, and five in circumference. The body is ventricose, the surface smooth, the aperture oblong, extending the entire length of the last volution; the spire is very small, and depressed obliquely. This specimen contains not the slightest remains of the shell, and is so much distorted, as to prevent the possibility of its generic characters being determined. In its general form, it bears some resemblance to the Auricula represented in Tab. xix fig. 34; but is still more nearly related to the siliceous cast of a Buccinum, from St. Peter's mountain, figured by Faujus St. Fond. (Hist. Nat. Mont. St. Pierre. PL. xxx. fig. 1 a.) It seems however, more probable that the recent shell may have belonged to the genus Dolium of Lamarck. Locality. Clayton chalk-pit. Collected by, and in the possession of, Richard Weekes, Esq. of Hurstperpoint."


Pterocera inornata d'Orbigny, 1843, pl. 214

Pterocera incerta d'Orbigny, 1843, pl. 215

Pterocera incerta d'Orbigny, 1843; Lectotype; Cenomanian, upper Cretaceous; Le Mans, Sarthe Department, France; Coll. MNHN no. B16537; Copyright Museum national d'Histoire naturelle Paris?


Strombus inornatus in Duclos, 1844, pl. 25, fig. 7


Strombus (?) incertus in Pervinquière,1912, pl. 2, fig. 19-23


Kollmann, 2005: Pterocera incerta d'Orbigny, 1843 and Pterocera inornatus are synonyms of Harpagodes nodosus (Sowerby, 1823)


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