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Species / Harpagodes Ignobilis


Original Description of Pterocera ignobilis by Morris & Lycett, 1851:

  • "Testa parva turbinata; spira breviscula; anfractibus laevigatis, planatis (3-4) ultimo obsolete transversim bicarinato; carina superiori obsolete nodosa; cauda brevi."
  • "Shell small, turbinated, spire short, whorls smooth, flattened (3-4), the last whorl twice carinated, the upper carina obscurely nodulous, canal short."

Locus typicus: Minchinghampton, Gloucestershire County, South West Region, England

Stratum typicum: Great Oolite, Bathonian, middle Jurassic


  • The position of this species is dubious, only one specimen is known (Cox & Arkell, 1950), the wing is not preserved.


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