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Species / Harpagodes Shumardi


Original Description of Pterocera shumardi by Hill, 1889:

  • "Shell cylindrical, subfusiform, smooth, with outer lip expanded and flattened into a conspicuous wing; apex pointed; columella not seen, canal reflected as in dotted lines, but destroyed in chiseling specimen from massive stone in which it was embedded. Whorls eight, the lower being two-thirds the length of the shell; sutures slight; wings three, ribbed or fingered in the specimen figured, but there are indications that there were formerly two more, making five in all; margin is strongly indented between the termini of the fingers; surface marked by strong parallel lines of growth."

Localities: Shoal Creek, Austin, Texas; Onion Creek, Buda, Texas, USA

Stratum typicum: Buda Limestone, Washita group, Cenomanian, Cretaceous (see)

Types: Holotype USNM no. PAL145654

Dimensions: "Height, 115 mm.; breadth, 107 mm."

Harpagodes shumardi in Shattuck, 1903, pl. 21, fig. 1

Comment: might be a Cuphosolenus


  • Hill, R.T., 1889. Palaeontology of the Cretaceous formations of Texas, pt. 1, 1889
  • Shattuck, G. B., 1903. The Mollusca of the Buda Limestone (with an appendix on the Corals of the Buda Limestone by Thomas Wayland Vaughan). Washington, Government Printing Office, United States Geological Survey Bulletin 205:1-40, pls. 1-27, Fulltext

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