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Species / Pterocera Neocomiensis

Pterocera Neocomiensis

***Pterocera neocomiensis d'Orbigny, 1850

Original description of Pterocera neocomiensis by d’Orbigny, 1850:

  • "Espèce à côtes anguleuses, pourvue d'expansions nombreuses."

Locus typicus: Bettancourt-la-Ferrée, Haute-Marne Department, France

Stratum typicum: "Neocomian", lower Cretaceous

Pterocera neocomiensis d'Orbigny, 1850; Syntype; Neocomian, lower Cretaceous; Bettancourt-la-Ferrée, Haute-Marne Department, France; Coll. MNHN no. R.14621; Copyright Museum national d'Histoire naturelle Paris

Comment: Might belong to the genus Harpagodes

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