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Species / Harpagodes Oceani

Harpagodes Oceani


Described as Strombus oceani by Brongniart, 1821

Locus typicus: Cap de la Hève, Le Havre, Seine-Maritime Department, Normandy, France

Stratum typicum: Kimmeridgian, Jurassic

Strombus oceani Brongniart, 1821, pl. VII, fig. 2a, 2b

Strombus oceani Brongniart, 1821; Syntype; Kimmeridgian, Jurassic; Cap de la Hève, Le Havre, Seine-Maritime Department, Normandy, France; Coll. MNHN no. J06136; Photo: Jocelyn Falconnet; Copyright Museum national d'Histoire naturelle Paris

History and Synonymy


Pteroceras oceani in Roemer, 1836, pl. XI, fig. 9


Pterocera oceani in Bronn, 1837, pl. XXI, fig. 7


Pteroceras cfr. oceani in Schlosser, 1881, pl. X, fig. 1, 2


Pterocera (Harpagodes) Oceani in Zittel, 1885, p. 257, fig. 352


Pterocera oceani in Piette, 1891, pl. 45, fig. 1, 2

Harpagodes oceani in Piette, 1891, pl. 81, fig. 1, 2, 3


Harpagodes oceani in Cossmann, 1904, pl. VII, fig. 1

Specimens from institutional collections

Pterocera oceani (Brongniart, 1821); Jurassic; Solothurn, Solothurn Canton, Switzerland; Coll. Goldfuss-Museum Bonn; Coll. Goldfuss no. 1089; Copyright IPB

Pterocera (Harpagodes) oceani (Brongniart, 1821); Kimmeridgian, upper Jurassic; Lindener Berg near Hannover, Lower Saxony, Germany
Coll. Bayerische Staatssammlung für Paläontologie und Geologie München no. AS I 1652; see Zittel, 1885, p. 257, fig. 352

Specimens from private collections

Harpagodes cf. oceani (Brongniart, 1821); Reconstruction; Barremian, lower Cretaceous; Méjannes-le-Clap, Gard Department, France; Coll. Virgilio Liverani

  • The body is about 10 cm long, the first two fingers close to the apex are 80% original, the third one is 50% original and the last three fingers are nearly completely rebuilt, just the base is original.


  • Brongniart, 1821. Sur les caractères zoologiques des formations, avec l'application de ces caractères à la détermination de quelques terrains de craie. Annales des Mines sér. 1, vol. 6., p. 534-571.
  • Lemoine (P.), 1910 - Strombus oceani Brongniart, 1821. Palaeontologia Universalis, no. 176
  • Schlosser, 1881

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