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Species / Harpagodes Wrightii

Harpagodes Wrightii


Original Description of Pteroceras wrightii by Morris & Lycett, 1851:

  • "Testa fusiformi, tumida; anfractibus (6) rotundatis, laevibus vel spiraliter striatis; ultimo gibbo, transversim carinato; carinis tribus rotundatis inaequaliter remotis; in digitos longiores productis; dorso ad angulum tuberculis duabus magnis; labro quinque ? digito, digitis in aetate adulta longissimis, flexuosis, recurvatis; cauda longissima arcuata."

Locus typicus: Minchinhampton, Gloucestershire County, South West Region, England

Etymology: named after Dr. Wright of Cheltenham

History and Synonymy


Pterocera wrigtii [sic] in Piette, 1891, pl. 14, fig. 1, 2

Specimens from institutional collections

Harpagodes wrightii (Morris & Lycett, 1851); Great Oolite, Bathonian, middle Jurassic; Minchinhampton, Gloucestershire County, South West Region, England; Coll. BM(NH) no. G.63665; Copyright BM(NH)

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