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H. Yabe & T. Nagao (1925).

  • New or little known Cretaceous fossils from North Sachalin (Lamellibranchiata and Gastropoda).
  • Harpagodes, Harpagodes desori, Harpagodes pelagi, Harpagodes sachalinensis

H. Yabe & T. Nagao (1928).

  • Cretaceous fossils from Hokkaido, Annelida, Gastropoda and Lamellibranchiata. Tohoku Imperial University, Science Report, series 2 (Geology) 7:111-124.
  • Aporrhais arrialoorensis, Pugnellus, Pugnellus manubrianus, Pugnellus sp., Pugnellus sp. indet., Tessarolax, Tessarolax distorta, Tessarolax japonica, Tessarolax japonicus, Tessarolax rectusa, Tessarolax bicarinata

C. M. Yonge (1932).

  • Notes on Feeding and Digestion in Pterocera and Vermetus, with a Discussion on the Occurrence of the Crystalline Style in the Gastropoda. Great Barrier Reef Expedition 1928-29 Scientific Reports I(10): 259-281.
  • Pterocera crocata, Strombus gigas, Strombidae, Strombus, Pterocera, Rostellaria, Terebellum, Aporrhaidae, Aporrhais

C. M. Yonge (1937).

  • The Biology of Aporrhais pespelicani and A. serresianus. JOURNAL OF THE MARINE BIOLOGICAL ASSOCIATION OF THE UNITED Kingdom 21: 687-703.
  • Aporrhais pespelicani, Aporrhais macandreae, Aporrhais serresiana, Chenopus, Strombus, Pterocera crocata, Strombus gigas, Aporrhais pespelicani sarsii

C. M. Yonge (1947).

  • The pallial Organs in the aspidobranch Gastropoda and their Evolution throughout the Mollusca. Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London. Series B. Biological Sciences 232(591): 443-518.
  • Pterocera, Aporrhais

W. Yu, H. Wang and Z. Li (1963).

  • Zhong Guo de Fu Zhu Lei Huo Shi [The gastropod fossils in China]. Beijing, Science Press, Academia Sinica, Institut of Paleontology, 1-392, Pl. 1-66.
  • Strombacea, Terebellidae, Strombidae, Rostellariidae, Aporahaidae, Rimella, Strombus Linnaeus 1758, Strombus pugilis Linne 1758, Strombus taiwanicus Nomura 1935, Strombus japonicus Reeve, Strombus swainsoni Reeve, Strombus bivaricosus Nomura 1935, Strombus sondensis Martin, Strombus luhuanus Linnaeus, Rostellaria Lamarck 1799, Rostellaria curvirostris Lamarck 1799, Rostellaria fusus Linnaeus, Tibia fusus, Rostellaria formosana Yokoyama 1928, Rostellaria (Rimella) spinifera var formosana Yokoyama 1928, Tibia formosana, Rostellaria spinifera, Terebellum Lamarck 1799, Bulla terebellum Lamarck 1799, Terebellum distortum D'archiac & Haime, Terebellum fusiforme, Aporrhaidae, Aporrhais Costa 1778, Strombus pespelecani Linne 1758, Aporrhais tibeticus Douville 1916, Chenopus cotteaui Thomas & Peron, Aporrhais (Hippocrene) columbarius Lamarck, Rostellaria columbarius D'Archiac & Haime 1853, Drapanocheilus Meek 1864, Rostellaria americana Evans & Shumard 1857, Drepanocheilus fusoides D'Archiac 1916

W. Yu (1975).

  • The gastropod fossils from the Mount Jombo Lungma region./ A report of scientific expedition in the Mount Jombo Lungma region (1966-1968). Palaeontology, fasc. 1.- Beijing: Sciense Press, 1975.-p. 129-238, 11 figs., pls. 1-16. [in Chinese]
  • Alaria parkinsoni Mantell, Amplogladius Cossmann, 1889, Amplogladius? jidulaensis Yu, Amplogladius kangpaensis Yu, Aporrhaidae H. & A. Adams 1858, Aporrhais dupiniana Orbigny, Arrhoges Gabb 1868, Bulla terebellum Lamarck 1799, Chenopus (Hippocrene) columbarius (Lamarck ?), Chenopus occidentale Beck 1847, Arrhoges sp., Drepanocheilue [sic] Meek 1864, Drepanocheilus cf. parkinsoni (Sowerby), Drepanocheilus sp., Hippochrenes , Hippochrenes amplus (Solander), Hippochrenes fissura (Coquebert and Brongniart), Pterodonta d’Orbigny, Pterodonta inflate d’Orbigny 1842, Pterodonta nobilis Stoliczka, Pterodonta cf. nobilis Stoliczka, Rostellaria, Rostellaria americanum Evans & Shumard 1857, Rostellaria athleta, Rostellaria columbarius? Lamarck, Rostellaria (Amplogladius) morgani Cossmann & Pisarro, Rostellaria robialdianus d’Orbigny, Strombacea, Terebellum Lamarck 1799, Terebellum distortum d’Archiac and Haime, Tibia pseudomokattamensis Eames, Tibia samanaensis Cox
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