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Species / Harpagodes Sachalinensis

Harpagodes Sachalinensis


Original Description of Harpagodes sachalinensis by Yabe and Nagao, 1925

  • "Shell of median size, 8 cm. by 6 cm., globose; spire short, composed of four whorls, which are convex and more or less angulated at the middle; suture distinct. Body whorl large, occupying slightly less than two-thirds of the shell in height, much inflated, its largest breadth lying just below the median line; surface ornamented with three prominent and one (lowest) weaker keels, arranged equidistantly and separated by concave interspaces as broad as the keels. The uppermost keel which is alone visible on the spire gives rise to the shouldered aspect of the whorls. Aperture broad, being broadest below the middle; inner lip convex above, concave in the middle and straight below ; canal narrow. Test thin.

Locus typicus: The Cape de la Jonquière Group, exposed at 2 km. south of Cape Khoinji, North Saghalin, Sakhalin Island, Russia

Stratum typicum: Zhonkier Formation, Santonian/Campanian, upper Cretaceous


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