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Species / Phyllocheilus


Original Diagnosis of the genus Pterocera (Phyllocheilus) by Gabb, 1868, p. 140:

  • "General form as in Pterocera; outer lip with no digitations, or small ones only; inner lip expanded as a thin plate over the front of the body whorl, and sometimes projecting beyond it laterally; both outer and inner lip deeply notched anteriorly near the canal."

Types: "Pter. speciosa, d'Orb., P. Dupiniana, d'Orb., P. marginata, d'Orb."

Phyllocheilus species are:

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  • The species listed here under Phyllocheilus do not fit into Gabb's diagnosis. This needs further investigation!

History and Synonymy


Malaptera Piette, 1876


Description of Malaptera by Hudleston, 1888, p. 101

  • "Shell thin, fusiform or ovoid, wing very large, multidigitate, palmate, investing, bent back, extended on the columellar side, and sometimes on the posterior portion of the spire; anterior canal placed upon an expansion which forms part of the wing, and consisting of a wide furrow bent backwards as in Aporrhais. — Fischer."

Comment by Hudleston, 1888, p. 101

  • "Such a genus as this possesses more resemblance to the existing Aporrhais than the average Jurassic Alaria does. Indeed, Cossmann ('Étage Bathonien,' p. 71) regards Malaptera as merely a subgenus of Aporrhais. Most of these shells were formerly referred to Pterocera, Lamarck."

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