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Species / Pugnellidae


  • Pugnellidae Kiel & Bandel, 1999

Original Diagnosis of Pugnellidae by Kiel & Bandel, 1999:

  • "Species belonging to the Pugnellidae are characterized by a low spire, an enlarged and reinforced outer lip, often with horn-like extensions, and a callus-coated inner lip. The callus is commonly spread out to cover large parts of the shell."

To this family belong the genera

Kiel & Bandel, 1999 suggest to further include the genera Lispodesthes, Tundora, Tessarolax, Ceratosiphon and the struthiolariids Conchothyra and Antarctodarwinella in this family.

Etymology: named after Pugnellus, the genus of the group that is best known.


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