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Species / Antarctodarwinella


Original Genus Description of Antarctodarwinella by Zinsmeister, 1976:

  • "Antarctodarwinella is proposed for medium sized, semi-globular, heavily callused Antarctic struthiolariid gastropods. The moderately elevated conical spire consists of 4 or 5 whorls. The early whorls are ornamented with fine spiral threads and rounded, slightly elongated nodes, which became obsolete on the body whorl. The body whorl partially envelops the spire, accentuating the shell's semi.globose outline. The aperture is sublenticular with a broad, moderately deep posterior sinus and a short canal. The inner lip is very heavily callused. The outer lip is slightly drawn out into a blunt symmetrical thickened wing."

Type species: Antarctodarwinella ellioti Zinsmeister, 1976

Antarctodarwinella species are



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