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Species / Perustrombus


Type species of Perustrombus is Perustrombus wheeleri Olsson, 1944

Original diagnosis of Perustrombus by Olsson, 1944:

  • "Shell large, solid, thickened by a heavy deposit of callus; adult with the spire completely concealed, the area of the spire is flattened and bordered by a massive, circling keel of callus which extends from the posterior end of the outer lip and is most strongly developed on the dorsal surface; outer lip massive, straight and thickened by a wide band of callus clearly marked off from the rest of the surface; surface smooth; anterior canal long, straight."

Perustrombus species are

might belong to Perustrombus

History and Synonymy


Kiel & Bandel, 1999, p. 52:

  • "Apart from the type species and the two new species described below, Strombus? dallianus WHITE 1887 from Brazil might belong here."

Kiel & Bandel, 1999, p. 56:

  • "Perustrombus is only known from the Maastrichtian where it reached a wide distribution ranging from southern India (P. indicus) along the Tethyan shores to Egypt (P. africanus) to the southeastern Pacific and northern Peru (P. wheeleri OLLSON 1944). It appears to have evolved from the Indian Ocean varieties of Pugnellus by total reduction of the extensions on the outer lip and seems to have preferred the warmer to temperate Tethyal realm."


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