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Species / Spinilomatidae


  • Spinilomatidae Gründel, Nützel, Schulbert, 2009

Original Diagnosis of Spinigeridae by Korotkov, 1992 (engl. translation):

  • "Medium-sized narrow, spindle-shaped shells with inflated or carinate whorls, and with spiral sculpture and low-relief laminar varices. Peculiar individuality imparted to shells by spines located diametrically opposite each other and extending outward almost perpendicularly to axis of shell. Spines sometimes attaining considerable length, especially on last whorl. Aperture relatively small, oval or oval-angular, ending in long straight pointed rostrum."

Type genus: Spiniloma Gründel, Nützel, Schulbert, 2009

The family Spinilomatidae contains the following genera:

might belong to Spinilomatidae


  • Spinigeropsis is added in this publication, further Jurassic genera (some still unnamed) will probably belong to this family.
  • Spinilomatidae is replacing Spinigeridae, which is an invalid family name, because Spinigera d'Orbigny, 1850 (where the family name is derived from) is a junior homonym of Spinigera Lesson, 1842 (see ICZN rule ...; Bouchet et al., 2005; Gründel et al., 2009).

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