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Species / Rostellariidae


  • Rostellariidae Gabb, 1868

Original Description of Rostellariidae (as Rostellariinae) by Gabb, 1868:

  • "Animal as in Strombinae. Operculum small, ovate, not serrate. Shell fusiform or subfusiform, spire usually alavated."

The family Rostellariidae contains the following genera:

see also subfamilies

Kronenberg & Burger 2002 included Mauryna in Rostellariidae which is not followed here (at the moment), here it is included in Seraphidae as done by Wenz 1938. There has been a revision of the genus Mauryna by *Savazzi 1988 (only abstract), a reference that is not included in the discussion, since it is not available to me at the moment.

History and Synonymy


  • Syn.: TIBIIDAE Golikov & Starobogatov, 1975: 211 [unnecessary new name for Rostellariidae]
  • ? Syn.: HIPPOCHRENIDAE Bandel, 2007: 132


Golikov & Starobogatov, 1975, p. 220:

  • "The new name Tibiidae is used by us instead of Rostellariidae in view of the priority of the name Tibia Bolten in Röding, 1798 over Rostellaria Lamarck, 1799."


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