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Species / Africoterebellum


Type species: Semiterebellum elongatum Newton, 1922 by monotypy and original designation, Eames, 1957:37

Original Description of Africoterebellum by Eames, 1957:

  • "Form much like that of Terebellum, but more narrowly fusiform. Protoconch consisting of some three to four smooth, moderately convex whorls, less acute than the shell as a whole. About six spire whorls, at first gently convex, becoming flatter with growth. Ornament in the earlier stages consisting of a sharp, fine adapical thread finely crenulated by growth lines, with a narrow, shallowly excavated band below it, the abapical half of the remaining portion of the whorls with four to six fine, incised spiral lines; ornament obsolete on later whorls. Last whorl with numerous irregular spiral threads (finer and with broader intervals abapically) on the base, which is only vaguely concave; neck short, gently swollen. Rostrum extremely short, its end barely projecting more than the outer lip abapically. Aperture oval-subtriangular, narrower adapically, with a broad, shallow notch to the right of the rostrum. Columellar callus thin, especially medially, with a low, oblique ridge adapically, forming the upper edge of the short posterior sinus which extends only slightly above and back along the suture. Outer lip opisthocline as a whole, forming a strongly projecting, rounded lobe to the right of the abapical channel, thin, not varicose, internally smooth."

Africoterebellum species are:

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