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Species / Amekichilus


Type species: Semiterebellum suturocostatum Newton, 1922 by monotypy and original designation Eames, 1957:38

Original Description of Amekichilus by Eames, 1957:

  • "Of small-medium to medium size, having the general form of Ectinochilus. Protoconch helicoid-trochoid, consisting of about four smooth, moderately convex whorls. Spire gently cyrtoconoid; last whorl slightly more than half the height of the shell. Whorls only slightly convex, sutures distinct; five to six spire whorls. An incised line separates a narrow juxtasutural band which is always crenulated or beaded in the early stages; later, the band is either smooth or beaded, and may be vaguely bifid. Last whorl oval, base declivous; neck short, not swollen. Rostrum short, scarcely projecting, inclined gently to the right, with a broad, very shallow notch to its right, the notchlimited externally by a short, sharp spine. Aperture oval, rather small, with a long, narrow, callous posterior sinus which curves over and slightly down on to the suture of the last whorl, extending only a short distance back. On those specimens which have a heavily beaded juxtasutural thread, the upper part of the posterior sinus extends back right up the spire as a gently convex callous band occupying the lower half of the whorls. Columella gently concave, smooth, with thick callus developing an even thicker ridge along the upper side of the posterior sinus. Outer lip thin, varicose, internally smooth, but with a slight internal thickening, externally strongly varicose, especially at the posterior sinus, nearly straight and orthocline, slightly convex adapically. Ornament consisting of a few incused spiral lines with minute pits, widely spaced posteriorly, often obsolete on the middle of the last whorl, changing to more closely spaced spiral threads on the base."

Amekichilus species are

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