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Species / Terebellomimus


Original Diagnosis of Terebellomimus by Pacaud, 2008:

  • "Coquille térébelloide, lisse, étroite et allongée. Téléoconque à spire courte, pointue, émergeant à peine du dernier tour. Ouverture rectiligne, longue et étroite. Présence dùn canal exhalant. Columelle rectiligne. Encoche siphonale peu marquée, largement évasée."

Type species: Terebellomimus quaggiottoi Pacaud, 2008

Terebellomimus species


  • Pacaud, 2008: Terebellomimus quaggiottoi n. gen., n. sp. (Mollusca, Gastropoda, Littorinimorpha, Rostellariidae) du Lutétien inférieur (Éocène moyen) du Vicentin (Italie), Geodiversitas 30 (4) : 721-729

Comments by Virgilio Liverani: this genus is very probably to ascribe in Cypreoidea, Ovulidae. Complete shells found in the same quarry show a rounded siphonal canal like that of many genera of Ovulidae, and no trace of spur (Rostellariidae) or pointed siphonal canal (Strombidae or Seraphsidae). The "spire" when looked at with a microscope do not show any spiral internal building but seem a solid structure. In the whole Stromboidea superfamily there are practically no genera with the lip revolved towards the columella, but this is the typical feature of all Cypreoidea. All these characters make me suspect a wrong placement in Stromboidea.

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