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Species / Tibiochilus


Original Description of the subgenus Tibia (Tibiochilus) by Eames, 1952, p. 65:

  • "Size moderate; ovoid-conic, rostellariiform, spire only moderately high; relatively thin-shelled; ornament consisting of fine, relatively widely spaced, incised spiral lines which, on the base of the body whorl, become gradually more conspicuous and attain the same width as their intervals; gutter posteriorly curving upwards and gently backwards over the penultimate and penepenultimate whorls."

Type species: Tibia (Tibiochilus) rakhiensis Eames, 1952


Remarks Eames, 1952, p. 65:

  • "The subgenus differs from Tibia in lacking axial ornament and in its rather shorter spire, and in the presence of spiral ornament on the later whorls. While the posterior gutter is rather like that of Dientomochilus, the form is more like that of a Tibia, and there is no axial ornament."


  • Eames, 1952. A contribution to the study of the Eocene in Western Pakistan and Western India. C. The description of the Scaphopoda and Gasteropoda from standard sections in the Rakhi Nala and Zinda Pir areas of the Western Punjab and in the Kohat district. Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society, 236 B 1952: 1-168.

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