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Fossil identification

Spinilomatidae sp. from Cehejin, Province Murcia, Spain; Barremian / Hauterivian; Lower Cretaceous

  • Does someone knows more? Exact locality, Stratigraphy, spanish references... ?

Aporrhais (?) sp; Parisian c,d (?); Suv Tih (? , Désert De Tîh, Dschanub Sina, Egypt ?); Coll. Mayer-Eymar in NMB

Ceratosiphon ? sp., Cretaceous ?; Monte Nuovi ?, Yougoslavia ?, Coll. Philippe Simonet

What is this?

  • Wrigley placed it near Dientomochilus
  • t:6 mm, b: 7 mm; Highgate Tunnel, Great Britain, 1864; Lower Eocene(?)
  • Coll. BM(NH), Copyright BM(NH)
  • Are there similar species known?

Rissoina lanotensis Lozouet, 2011 : These gastropods were found in St.Martin d'Oney, France; Aquitanian, Miocene; 23 mm.

  • Reference: Lozouet P. 2011, Nouvelles espèces de gastéropodes (Mollusca: Gastropoda) de l'Oligocène et du Miocène inférieur d'Aquitaine (Sud-Ouest de la France). Partie 4. Cossmanniana, 2011, Vol 13 pp 49-58
  • Old comment: "There are some similarities with Semiterebellum and with Africoterebellum"
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