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A photo notebook about the Stromboidea Community


Meeting in Edegem, Antwerp, Belgium May 21, 2022: Koen de Turck, Christian Börnke, Ulrich Wieneke, Han Stoutjesdijk and Virgilio Liverani

Meeting in Herzele, Belgium May, 23/24. 2022: Ronald Bienfet, Koen de Turck, Virgilio Liverani and Ulrich Wieneke


Meeting in Öhringen in September 2019: Laszlo Nadai, Virgilio Liverani, Christian Börnke, Roman Fankhauser, Ulrich Wieneke and Francesco Giovanoli

Meeting in Ste-Marie-aux-Mines in June 2019: Ulrich Wieneke, Christian Börnke, Virgilio Liverani, Elmar Mai and Antoine Heitz.


Meeting in Munich, Mineral Show in 2017: Christian Börnke, Laszlo Nadai, Virgilio Liverani, Antoine Heitz and Ulrich Wieneke


Meeting in Ste-Marie-aux-Mines in 2016: Philippe Simonet, Christian Börnke, Virgilio Liverani, Ulrich Wieneke and Antoine Heitz. (not on photo: Elmar Mai)


Supporter of Gastropoda Stromboidea, 10/2015 in Munich: back row: Christian Börnke, Antoine Heitz, Elmar Mai; front row: Ulrich Wieneke, Virgilio Liverani


Visit of the Natural History Museum Vienna, 2013: Virgilio Liverani, Ulrich Wieneke


Visit in Brussels, 2012: Han Stoutjesdijk


The Editors of Gastropoda Stromboidea, 2010 in Paris: Han Stoutjesdijk, Philippe Simonet, Ulrich Wieneke, Virgilio Liverani

Visit of the Naturalis in Leiden, 2010: Han Stoutjesdijk, Ulrich Wieneke


Visit of the Paleontological Museum in Hamburg, 2009: Han Stoutjesdijk, Ulrich Wieneke

Visit of the Steinmann Institut in Bonn, 2009: Ulrich Wieneke


Visit of the Natural History Museum London, 2008: Han Stoutjesdijk, Gijs Kronenberg, Ulrich Wieneke

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