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People / Alex Machin

Alex Machin

Alex Machin

Persististrombus coronatus forma perspinonana (Sacco, 1893); Pliocene; Tuscany Region, Italy; Coll. Alex Machin

Seraphs plicifer (Bayan, 1870); Bartonian, middle Eocene; Huesca, Huesca Province, Autonomous community of Aragon, Northeastern Spain; Coll. Joxeba Larraņaga Larraņaga; Photo Alex Machin

Perissoptera cf. parkinsoni (Mantell, 1822); lower Cretaceous; Zubielqui, Allin municipalily, Navarra Province, Autonomous community of Navarra, Northeastern Spain; Coll. Luberri Geologic Museum; Photo Alex Machin

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