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Bob Abela

  • Bob Abela

Bob Abela's Homepage:

from his photo collection

Canarium wilsonorum (Abbott, 1967); Hospital Point, Guam, USA; photo Bob Abela

  • "This is a small specimen, some might consider it a dwarf at ~10mm. It was collected off Hospital Point, Guam. ~70 ft, in a small pit with sand and rubble. Photographed from my small aquarium."

Canarium haemastoma (Sowerby, 1842); Agana Bay, Guam, USA; Photo Bob Abela

  • "Here's a Canarium haemostoma that I had photographed in my aquarium. From 80 ft. Just under surface of sand in the large sand pit. Agana Bay, Guam. 28 June 2005."

Canarium maculatum (Sowerby, 1842); Tanguissan Beach, Guam, USA; Photo Bob Abela

  • "I found this little guy (with another) while diving off Tanguissan Beach (May 2018). It was at about 40 ft, exposed, on the reef and partially covered by a thin layer of sand. While not a rare, I've only encountered them sporadically on Guam. The photograph is taken from my small aquarium. I haven't measured the shell but it's ~15mm."

Bob Abela on Canarium microurceus from Guam:

  • "The shell is about 10mm. A common species on Guam. I placed a few in the aquarium to feed a small Conus legatus."
  • "They may be found on the reef or in sand, as here, ~35 ft. Agat Bay, Guam; 28 July 2007

Canarium mutabile (Swainson, 1821) form zebriolatus A. Adam and Leloup, 1938, L x W: 25.2 x 13.3 mm; 3 ft.; Partially buried in sand and algae on reef. Agana Bay, Guam; aquarium photo Bob Abela

Dolomena pulchella (Reeve, 1851);~55 ft.; fully exposed on sand. Agat Bay, Guam; 16 August 2009; aquarium photo Bob Abela

Conomurex luhuanus (Linnaeus, 1758); ~20 ft. A pair singled out among a large colony; Outhouse Beach, Apra Harbor, Guam; 03 Jan 2007; photo Bob Abela

Lentigo lentiginosus (Linnaeus, 1758); ~25 ft. crawling on sand; Piti Channel, Guam; 06 Dec 2006; photo Bob Abela

Lentigo pipus (Röding,1798); 89 ft.; exposed on top of sand, along the edge of a sand channel; Barracuda Rock, Orote Peninsula, Guam; 27 September 2009; aquarium photo Bob Abela

Gibberulus gibbosus (Roeding, 1798); ~40 ft.; on open sandy bottom; Agat Bay, Guam; 17 May 08; photo Bob Abela

Terestrombus fragilis (Röding, 1798); ~45 ft.; in sand; (A goatfish initially was trying to feed on it.); Outhouse Beach, Apra Harbor, Guam; 11 Aug 2007; photo Bob Abela

Tridentarius dentatus (Linnaeus, 1758); a common species on Guam. I kept several in my aquarium. One night, I chanced upon this one out grazing. It's not unusual to find them as pairs; aquarium photo Bob Abela

Lambis lambis (Linnaeus, 1758); all the growth covering the shell helps it hide, even when while fully exposed on the reef; ~5 ft. Agat Bay, Guam; 17 Nov 2007; photo Bob Abela

Lambis scorpius (Linnaeus, 1758); ~60 ft. On rubble and sand bottom; Glass Breakwater, Apra Harbor, Guam; 28 January 2018; photo Bob Abela

Lambis truncata sowerbyi Mörch, 1872; ~55 ft; exposed on the reef; Hospital Point, Guam; 02 September 2007; photo Bob Abela

Lambis (Harpago) chiragra (Linnaeus, 1758); ~40 ft, along a sand channel; Dadi Beach, Agat Bay, Guam; 26 Dec 2006; photo Bob Abela

Lambis (Harpago) chiragra (Linnaeus, 1758); ~10 ft. On flats, near the reef edge; Ga'an Pt, Guam; 12 June 2006; photo Bob Abela

Sinustrombus taurus (Reeve, 1857); ~60 ft.; exposed on hard reef; Hospital Point, Guam; 11 Nov 2007; photo Bob Abela

Sinustrombus sinuatus x taurus; hybrid form; Guam Island, Mariana Islands, Micronesia, USA, North Pacific Ocean; Photo Bob Abela; Coll. Fred Schroeder

Report about S. sinuatus x taurus hybrid form from Guam by Bob Abela:

  • "I believe the specimen was collected from Hospital Point where an established population of S. taurus exists. S. sinuatus, by all observations, is much more restricted on Guam. A known S. sinuatus population exists just inside the Glass Breakwater (Apra Harbor) and is generally not associated to Hospital Point. I can only speculate that a veliger of S. sinuatus settled on S. taurus "grounds" and hybridized for lack of a better mate."

Terebellum terebellum (Linnaeus, 1758); L x W: 29.3 x 8.4 mm; collected by a friend; ~90 ft, buried in sand; Agat Bay, Guam; April 2005; aquarium photo Bob Abela

Terebellum terebellum (Linnaeus, 1758); collected by a friend; ~80 ft, Agat Bay, Guam; ~2003-2004; aquarium photo Bob Abela

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