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People / Ermanno Quaggiotto

Ermanno Quaggiotto

  • Ermanno Quaggiotto

from his collection

Terebellopsis chantalae Pacaud & Leroy, 2006; Ypresian, Eocene; Sapicourt, Marne, France; 47 mm; Coll. Ermanno Quaggiotto

Aporrhais cf. pescarbonis (Brongniart, 1823); Priabonian (?), Eocene; Altavilla, Veneto, Italy; Coll. Ermanno Quaggiotto

  • Comment Quaggiotto: "in a clayey level with faunas of the horizon of Sangonini. The examination of micro fossils of some superior level pointed to an eocene age."

Aporrhais aff. oxydactyla (Sandberger, 1861); Lower Oligocene; Monte Lungo, Arcugnano (VI), Italy; 16 mm; Coll. Ermanno Quagiotto

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