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Lawrence Moon

  • Lawrence Moon

Comment Lawrence Moon on the type of "Strombus listeri":

  • "In September 1986 this old and famous specimen met with a very unfortunate accident. The shell had been loaned by the Hunterian Museum to the Glasgow Museum and Art Gallery to be displayed in an exhibition on 'The History of Shell Collecting' and was to take pride of place in the exhibition. On the morning of the 2nd September, the day before the exhibition was due to open, a sign was being erected above the exhibits using a portable scaffolding tower, when the heavy sign slipped and fell onto the display case containing the shell and tipped it over. The case lid came loose and the contents of the case spilled onto to the floor. The Tradescant shell was crushed under the case and broke into several pieces. The shell was uninsured, so the Glasgow Museum paid 5000 in compensation to the Hunterian which included 1000 for the cost of repair by a ceramic restorer. The damaged shell was found to contain sedimentary material which showed that it was not a live-collected specimen."

from his collection

Lambis scorpius (Linnaeus, 1758); off Luzon, Philippines; by local Hookah divers; Coll. Lawrence Moon

Tibia fusus (Linnaeus, 1758); Cebu, Philippines Islands; 264 mm; Coll. Lawrence Moon

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