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People / Mark Hooten
  • Mark Hooten

from his collection

Lobatus goliath x gigas; Brazil?; Coll. Mark Hooten

  • Comment Mark Hooten: "My understanding of general genetic inheritance: my gut reaction to the comparison between the shell you already show on Stromboidea and the specimen in my collection is this: that the former specimen with the pink interior depicted is a gigas x goliath, while mine is goliath x gigas (the 1st parent always being female). I say this because in wide crosses, (generally but not always) the female parent often is a bit more influential in form/color. It just strikes me that both specimens are obviously basically the same, while one appears to me to be more skewed toward one parent, and the 2nd more toward the other. And if so, it is a case of sex-linked inherited dominance of particular traits."
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