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Species / Alaria Coronata

Alaria Coronata

  • Alaria coronata Tate, 1867

Original Description of Alaria coronata by Tate, 1867, p. 152:

  • "Shell fusiform, whorls 5 or 6, each with an acute, undulate, spinous, mesial carina; the last whorl with 2 subordinate, obtuse carinae, which are somewhat rugulose, not spinous; whorls with alternately large and small transverse rugulose striae, crossed by very fine oblique striations. The wing and digitations are not preserved in this unique specimen."

Locus typicus: Sunday's River, South Africa

Stratum typicum: "In light-grey sandy shell-rock on the Sunday's River, associated with Ammonites subanceps.", Uitenhage Formation, Early Cretaceous

Alaria coronata Tate, 1867, pl. VII, fig. 9

  • the text points to fig. 7, but the only gastropod on plate VII is fig. 9


  • R. Tate, 1867. On some secondary fossils from South Africa. The Quarterly Journal of the Geological Society of London, vol. XXIII, pp. 139-174, pls. V-IX Fulltext

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