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Species / Alaria Fusiformis
  • Alaria fusiformis Moore, 1867

Original Description of Alaria fusiformis by Moore, 1867, p. 542:

  • "Shell fusiform, small; spire elevated; whorls 5-6, convex, angulated and divided by a deep suture; towards tho base of the whorls are two distinct, slightly nodulated carinae; surface ornamented by faint longitudinal striae; canal short, straight. On the back of the body-whorl are three more-elevated carinae; but, as the lip and mouth of the shell are not exposed, the character of the digitations are unknown."

Locus typicus: Brocastle, Bridgend County borough, South Wales, Wales, UK

Stratum typicum: "It is from the coralliferous conglomerate of Brocastle, the lowest bed in which this genus has yet been recognized.", Sinemurian, lower Jurassic.

Alaria fusiformis Moore, 1867; pl. XIV, fig. 25

Alaria fusiformis Moore, 1867; Sinemurian, lower Jurassic; Brocastle, Bridgend County borough, South Wales, Wales, UK; Undifferentiated Type; Copyright Bath Royal Literary and Scientific Institution.


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