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Species / Alaria Rudis
  • Alaria rudis Moore, 1867

Original Description of Alaria rudis by Moore, 1867, p. 542:

  • "Shell turreted, fusiform; whorls 5-6, convex, obtusely carinated on the middle portion, rather flat below and angulated above; suture indistinct; last whorl extended; aperture oblong.

Comment Moore, 1876, p. 542: "The surface of the only example I possess appears smooth; but probably it had originally fine transverse striae, which may have been abraded. The outer lip is concealed, so that it cannot be seen whether it possessed digitations. For this reason it is, with a little hesitation, placed in this genus.

Locus typicus: Brocastle, Bridgend County borough, South Wales, Wales, UK

Stratum typicum: "The coralliferous Liassic conglomerate of Brocastle", Sinemurian, lower Jurassic

Alaria rudis Moore, 1876, pl. XIV, fig. 24


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