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Species / Anchura Gabbi

Anchura Gabbi

  • Anchura gabbi Dickerson, 1914

Original description of Anchura gabbi by Dickerson, 1914

  • "Shell small, fusiform, spire elevated, six rounded whorls, suture deep. Surface of upper whorls strongly cancellated by transverse ribs and faintly revolving lines; body whorl strongly marked by two carinae, the upper one of which extends outward to the tip of the lip. Lip long straight perpendicular to whorls, tip acute; canal narrow, length unknown."

Locus typicus: One mile south of Stewartville, Contra Costa County, California, USA

Stratum typicum: Eocene

Anchura gabbi in Dickerson 1914, Plate 14, Fig 4

References: Dickerson, 1914

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