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Species / Aphorais Gracilis

Aphorais Gracilis

  • Aphorais gracilis Aldrich, 1886

Original Description of Aphorais gracilis by Aldrich, 1886, p. 32:

  • "Shell fusiform, whorls eight, spire high; embryonic whorls smooth, the others to the body whorl with longitudinal ribs which curve to the left into the suture and are crossed by fine revolving lines; body whorl expanded into a broad outer lip, furnished with two digitations, the posterior one the largest, rising in some specimens into a long, sharp point, strongly grooved to the apex. The outer lip extends up the spire to the top of the body whorl only; the groove in the anterior digitation rather faint; surface of body whorl with two revolving carina marking these grooves and covered with faint revolving lines; aperture small, inner lip with a spreading callus; canal moderate, terminating in a sharp point slightly recurved."

Comment: The name might be a junior synonym of Aporrhais gracilis von Koenen, 1885

Locus typicus: Gregg's Landing, Monroe County, Alabama, USA

Stratum typicum: Greggs Landing Marl Member, Wilcox Group, Selandian, Paleocene

Chenopus gracilis in De Gregorio, 1890, pl. 10, fig. 11, 12


  • Meyer, O. 1886. Contributions to the Eocene paleontology of Alabama and Mississippi. Geological Survey of Alabama, Bulletin no. 1: 63-85, 3 pls.
    • p. 32, pl. 5, fig. 14
  • De Gregorio, 1890, p. 116

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