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Species / Calyptraphorus Lissoni


History and Synonymy


About Calyptraphorus (Aulacodiscus) lissoni by Olsson, 1928, p. 119:

  • "This very singular fossil was described by H. Douvillé from specimens sent to him from Senor M. Lisson of Lima, as a new subgenus of Calyptraphorus Conrad. The mature Aulacodiscus lissoni, has a subcircular or pebble-like form, the spire wholly covered by a heavy callus and the anterior end is short and in most specimens broken away. The posterior canal is continued as a complete and nearly circular groove near the edge of the ventral face. In younger shells, the callus is less completely developed and the spire and anterior canal are fairly long. These young shells show clearly the relationship of Aulacodiscus, with Calyptraphorus as suspected by Douvillé. Aulacodiscus is probably related to Veatchia carolinea Maury from the Midway or Lower Eocene of Soldado Rock and Trinidad, but the two known specimens of V. carolinea, are imperfect and close comparison is not possible. Veatchia carolinea is a larger shell and the posterior canal shows a wide sinus on the right ventral side. Aulacodiscus lissoni, is a very common and characteristic species in the Negritos formation both at Negritos and La Brea. It does not occur in the higher rocks. Length 32mm.; diameter 27mm. Localities and Geologic Occurrence. — Negritos formation, Negritos, La Brea."

Calyptraphorus (Aulacodiscus) lissoni Olsson, 1928, pl. 18, figs. 1-4

Aulacodiscus is a Junior homonym of Aulacodiscus Ehrenberg, 1844, [nom. cons., a diatom]

Specimens from institutional collections

Aulacodiscus (Calyptraphorus) lissoni (Douville, 1921); lower Eocene (?), Negritos (?), Peru; 24 mm; Ex-coll. B.P.M.; Coll. Naturalis

Aulacodiscus (Calyptraphorus) lissoni (Douville, 1921); lower Eocene (?), Negritos (?), Peru; t: 18 mm, m,b: 19 mm; Ex-coll. B.P.M.; Coll. Naturalis

Aulacodiscus (Calyptraphorus) lissoni (Douville, 1921); lower Eocene (?), Negritos (?), Peru; tl: 30 mm diameter; Ex-coll. B.P.M.; Coll. Naturalis

Aulacodiscus (Calyptraphorus) lissoni (Douville, 1921); Cut; lower Eocene (?), Negritos (?), Peru; Ex-coll. B.P.M.; Coll. Naturalis



  • H. Douvillé, 1921. Nouveaux fossiles de l'Eocene du Perou. Compte Rendu de la Societe Geologique de France, 1921: pp. 193-195
  • A.A. Olsson, 1928. Contribution to the early Tertiary paleontology of Peru: Part 1: Eocene Mollusca and Brachiopoda. Bulletins of American paleontology, vol. 14(52), pp. 47-200, Fulltext

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