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Species / Columbellaria Tuberculosa


Original Description of Pyrula tuberculosa by Binkhorst, 1861

  • "Testa pyriformis, spira brevi, conica, anfractibus quatuor, striis terberculatis transversis, latioribus geminatis et tenuioribus se alternantibus, ornatis; ultimo anfractu canali recurvato brevi (?) terminato, circiter sex septimus partes altitudinis testae aequante."

Locus typicus: Limburg Province, The Netherlands

Stratum typicum: Maastrichtian, upper Cretaceous

History and Synonymy


Columbellaria tuberculosa in Kaunhowen, 1897, pl. IX, fig. 7, 8


Abdel-Gawad, 1986, p. 111:

  • "The studied specimens coincide with those described by Kaunhowen (1897) and Müller (1898) from Kunrade (the Netherlands) and West Germany, respectively. The species C. granulata Kaunhowen differs from this species in having a relatively elevated spire and granular ornamentation. The studied specimens from Piotrawin and Janowiec come from the Kongiel's Collection."
  • "Material: 2 from Piotrawin (uppermost Campanian), 1 from Kazimierz, 1 from Janowiec."

Columbellaria tuberculosa (Binkhorst, 1861) in Abdel-Gawad, 1986, pl. 13, fig. (1), 2-4

  • Remark: The is a discrepancy between the captions of plate 13, where only fig 2-4 are called C. tuberculosa and the text, where fig. 1-4 is called C. tuberculosa

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