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Species / Cowlitzia Simplex


Original description of Rostellaria simplex by Gabb, 1864:

  • "Shell elongated, robust; spire high; whorls about seven, rounded; suture distinct. Surface marked by numerous longitudinal ribs, small on the upper volutions, becoming larger, more distant, oblique, and proportionally shorter, as the shell increases in size; these are crossed by small, regular, revolving lines. Outer lip suddenly expanded; posterior canal continued along the surface of the penultimate whorl; anterior canal suddenly recurved. Aperture unknown."

Locus typicus: Eocene Téjon Formation of San Diego and Clayton, California, USA.

Rimella simplex Gabb, 1864, pl. XX; fig. 80

Cowlitzia simplex (Gabb, 1864); 31,95 mm; Coll. no. 112.01


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