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Species / Cowlitzia Supraplicata

Cowlitzia Supraplicata


Original Description of ?Neptunea supraplicata by Gabb, 1864, p. 89:

  • "Shell small, fusiform; whorls five or more, regularly convex; suture well marked; spine nearly as long as the mouth. Surface marked by a number of small longitudinal folds on the upper half of the whorls, commencing at the suture; remainder of the body volution covered by distinct revolving ribs of about equal size throughout. Canal slightly curved. Aperture unknown. Length, about .55 inch."

Locus typicus: San Diego, California, USA

Stratum typicum: Domengine Formation, Eocene (Stewart, 1927)

Types: "The holotype of Neptunea supraplicata Gabb is no. 31396 in the Museum of Paleontology. It was recognized by Merriam (1895). It is plainly an immature Ectinochilus having about 20 axial ribs on the last whorl. Height (almost complete) 13 mm.; width, 6,1 mm." (Stewart, 1927)

Neptunea supraplicata Gabb, 1864, pl. 18, fig. 40

Neptunea supraplicata (Gabb, 1864); Holotype; Photo Ron Voskuil

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