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Species / Dientomochilus Bartonensis


Original Description of Murex bartonensis by Sowerby, 1813, p. 77:

  • "Shell oval, contracted close to the beak, strongly reticulated, whorls about four or five, the last about two-thirds the length of the shell. Mouth elongated, curved, acute at both ends; right hand lip expanded, undulated, toothed within; left hand lip smooth at the edge, toothed within."
  • "Less than half an inch long; the mouth is twice as long as wide, elegantly curved into a small beak; the outer lip has a furrow at about the fourth tooth from the beak, almost as much extended as the beak itself. The reticulation upon the surface is very square and sharply projecting; it is extended over the back of the lip, and forms its undulated edge."

Locus typicus: Sea cliffs, Barton on Sea, Hampshire County, South East Region, England

Murex bartonensis Sowerby, 1812-1815, pl. 34, lower figures

History and Synonymy

Strombus bartonensis, in Duclos in Chenu, 1844, pl. ?, fig. 1, 2

Specimens from private collections

Dientomochilus bartonensis (Sowerby, 1813); Lower Barton beds, Bed A3, Bartonian, Eocene; Barton on sea, Hampshire, England, Great Britain; 7,1 mm; Coll. Ulrich Wieneke, photo Manfred Heising


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