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Species / Drepanocheilus Scotti


Original Description of Drepanochilus scotti by Sohl, 1967:

  • "Medium-sized turriculate shell, spire a little more than one-third total shell height. Pleural angle 22-32. Prototconch consisting of about 2 1/2 smooth round-sided whorls with first whorl somewhat depressed. Teleoconch whorls about seven in number, have well-rounded sides. Body whorl bicarinate; upper spiral carination low, developing one-third to one-half whorl behind aperture. A second variable, weakerspiral carination develops low on whorl. Whorl profile flattens above and between carinations; body concavely tapers below to the pillar. Sculpture begins on first teleoconch whorl with three very faint threads over the rounded upper whorl surface; spiral threads strengthen and are added to until at the end of the whorl, eight spiral threads cover the surface. Low arcuately opisthocyrt opisthocline transverse ribs appear with the beginning of the second teleoconch whorl. On later whorls, spiral elements increase in strength to rounded cords or flat-topped ribbons that override transverse ribs and are narrower than interspaces; ribbons may number 13-16 on the penultimate whorl. Secondary spirals may occur on body. Transverse ribs may number 26-29 per whorl; ribs decrease in strength until only an occasional faint transverse swelling may be present on the body whorl and last half of the penultimate whorl. The upper carination of the body whorl carries out to the spire that terminates the outer lip. Growth lines opisthoclinely opisthocyrt on spire. Aperture incompletely known but with outer lip expanded to a wing that embraces the lower part of the penultimate whorl above, is extended into an elongate tapering spike reinforced by the main spiral carination of the body with a corresponding incised groove interiorly."

Locus typicus: 2,4 miles west-northwest of Niwot, on southeast side of Haystack Mounain, Boulder County, Colorado, USA

Stratum typicum: Baculites Jenseni Zone, Pierre Shale, Maastrichtian, upper Cretaceous


  • maximum recorded height is 35 mm

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