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Species / Drepanochilus Reineckei
  • Chenopus (Drepanochilus) reineckei Rennie, 1929

Original Description of Chenopus (Drepanochilus) reineckei by Rennie, 1929, p. 43:

  • "Shell of moderate size; spire of five whorls, the earlier convex and evenly rounded; the last whorl angular owing to the development of two prominent carinae separating the whorl into a wide posteriorly sloping portion, a narrow flattened median portion, and flattened base; sutures deep and sutural angle small; surface apparently smooth; anteriorly produced into a short canal; outer lip produced into a wide wing-like expansion with rounded end and without digitiform extensions; the posterior portion of the outer lip retracted, concave to the aperture and sharply upturned at its margin."

Locus typicus: "Localities. 16 km. W., 4 km. S. of Mumbondo, No. 6771; hills west of well location, Quimbaixie, Nos. 6821, 6823.", Angola

Stratum typicum: Albian

Rennie, 1929, p. 43:

  • "Remarks. The nature of the posterior portion of the outer lip and the absence of digitation place this species in Meek's section Drepanochilus (32, p. 324), which is placed under Chenopus by Cossmann (12, vol. vi, p. 75). The absence of ornamentation readily distinguishes this from other species, except Chenopus coquandi Cossmann (12, vol. vi, p. 76, footnote) (=C. simplex (Coquand)). which, however, has the wing differently shaped. The retraction and upturning of the posterior portion of the outer lip is seen in the Eocene C. decoratus (Locard) figured by Cossmann (12, vol. vi, pi. viii, figs. 7, 8), but the latter has tubercles on the carina."

Chenopus (Drepanochilus) reineckei Rennie, 1929, pl. II, fig.8


  • Rennie, J.V.L., 1929. Cretaceous fossils from Angola (Lamellibranchia and Gastropoda). Annals of the South African Museum 28(1): pp. 1-54, pls. 1-5

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